Why does a “.7 firmware out of date $@,!177″ error appear when starting Eon software?

What causes this? #

What you are seeing is due to an issue with the computer you are using. The COM port you selected is not connected to the Eon device. Windows has an issue where it will sometimes leave the COM ports open, and then echo commands sent to it. This can also happen if there is an abrupt interruption to the COM port, or the COM port gets improperly disconnected. Windows will leave the COM port open, making it appear as though the Eon™ device is still connected to that COM port, when in fact it is not. The COM port selected in the software is echoing commands back to the software causing the software to think it is communicating with the device, when in fact the software is just seeing commands being echoed back to itself on that COM port. This behavior is very similar to how the Eon™ device works. The software is tricked into thinking the Eon™ is responding back, but in actuality is just seeing echoes. This is why the software says that the “firmware” is out of date; it is reading a command being echoed back to the software by the chosen COM port. This is a bug that has been resolved in the new software we are working on.

How to fix this issue #

In order to fix this issue, locate the EON INI file in the Public Documents folder with the word “Settings” in its file name. Delete the file. Once the file is deleted, restart the Eon™ software. The Eon™ software will ask for a new COM port. Enter the new COM port and begin using software as usual. Note: This action will restore Settings to factory default.

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