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Phillip Technologies is the #1 choice for your thin-film coating needs. We sell replacement 5 and 6 MHz Inficon, Balzers, and Ulvac type quartz monitor crystals and more! We are also a distributor for Colnatec thin film monitors and controllers. Most importantly all of our QCMs are made in USA at our South Carolina class 1000 cleanroom facility.
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The Most Advanced Quartz Crystals

Our QCM offerings include Low temperature & low stress options like the 6 MHz Gold Crystal as well as high temperature high stress options like the Alloy RC Crystal. We even have crystals with a maximum temperature rating of 500 degrees C!

Excellence in Film Thickness Solutions

Where Quality Meets Assurance: Phillip Technologies' Unwavering Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, and Unmatched Customer Satisfaction in Every Film Thickness Solution We Provide.

100% USA Made

All our Quartz Crystal Microbalances (QCMs) are proudly made in the USA at our cutting-edge South Carolina class 1000 cleanroom facility. Quality isn't just a promise; it's our heritage.


Same Day Delivery

We understand the importance of timeliness in your operations. That's why most of our products are available for quick, same-day shipping. No delays, no excuses – just swift and efficient service


OEM Compatible

Our crystals are meticulously engineered to be seamlessly compatible with leading OEMs, including Inficon, Balzers, and Ulvac. No compatibility issues, no hassles – just smooth integration.


Reliable Performance

Trust in the reliability of our crystals. With a focus on enduring performance and extended lifespan, our products deliver consistent results, project after project.

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Phillip Technologies and Colnatec:

Phillip Technologies is the exclusive USA distributor of Colnatec film thickness monitoring systems. Launched in 2009, Colnatec has established new industry standards in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative, high-performance sensors and instrumentation. Colnatec’s flagship system is the Tempe: a film thickness sensor system that can operate within a temperature range of 40-500 degrees C. Tempe can also initiate a high-temperature, self-cleaning “bake cycle.” This bake cycle, extends crystal life and reduces interruptions from crystal failure in continuous process environments.

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Product Catalog

The Phillip Technologies mission is to provide competitively priced quartz crystals and film thickness monitoring systems with a quick and simple buying experience. Download our full product catalog to see our complete product offering and see how we can not only enhance your production process but become a supplier you can trust.

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