about us


Formerly known as Tangidyne, Phillip Technologies has been in operation since 2004 with the mission to provide the world’s best quality crystals, at competitive prices, and with reliable service.  Phillip Technologies has over twenty years of combined knowledge in thin-film and quartz-crystal technology, and with this amalgamation of knowledge and our use of cutting edge production methods, we are proud to call ourselves leaders in the Film Thickness Monitoring industry.

Company Culture

In addition to utilizing efficient and innovative production methods, we believe the health and welfare of our employees is the greatest force in producing high quality components you can trust. In summary: our customers process’ is also our process, and we will always strive to ensure your supply chain and production team are served with the highest level of integrity.


We are the only Crystal Manufacturer in the world with ongoing product research & development. Furthermore, we are the only company in the world authorized to offer the RC, HT and SQ series of crystal sensors designed to work at respective temperatures ranging from 20-250°C, 250-400°C, and 450+°C. We also produce a wide range of custom crystals designs for universities and R&D groups worldwide.

Facilities & Equipment

Not only do we offer revolutionary and proprietary crystals but also produce industry standard components to the most exacting specifications. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, orderly, and efficient production facility. All components are produced, inspected and sealed in a class 1,000 cleanroom environment prior to delivery to the customer’s facility. Furthermore, all products are provided with full traceability documents to ensure only the highest quality is delivered.

Sales & Marketing

As a force in the global crystal marketplace, our company, utilizes efficient software and sales mapping systems to keep customer requests accurate and timely. We pride ourselves on our fast lead-times and in many cases same-day turnaround. More importantly we track all orders from start to finish so no detail is missed. What does this mean for our customers? You will know when your order is received, can track your order the moment it’s been shipped, and can expect high quality before you even open the box.