What is your Packaging Made from and is it Cleanroom Approved?

We package all of our quartz crystals in clean room compatible packaging, or discs, that holds 4 or 10 crystals, depending on the crystal type ordered. Careful attention to the design ensures that the center of the crystal, where the actual measurement occurs (within a radius of 3 mm from the center), is not touched or contaminated by the plastic.

Packaging Materials Used #

We only use pharmaceutical grade Virgin PETG plastic for the package top, and hand cleaned polystyrene for the base. This difference in plastics is necessary due to the buildup of static charge between two motional pieces of PETG. Some manufacturers use anti-static PETG, but this contains a polymer agent that will eventually leach onto the crystal surface contaminating the products. Furthermore, some packaging manufacturers will compensate for poor production methods by using a mold release (like silicone and other aerosol based compounds), that can severely contaminate the crystal in long and short term storage.

Packaging without Contamination #

Contamination of the crystal electrodes can result in adverse product performance and degrade specifications. Usually this appears as a wet mark on the crystal, or in extreme cases the crystal will completely turn into a darker shade of its original color. In other cases, as with silver and alloy, the crystal can appear to turn yellowish and give the false impression of oxidation. In other words, our packages were designed from the ground up with the same exacting standards as the crystals themselves.

Cleanroom Compatible Packaging #

Additionally, our package materials are cleanroom compatible due to their non-outgassing and chemically inert nature. Our engineering team also chose pharmaceutical grade plastic due to its low particle generation characteristics. Moreover, all packages are hand cleaned prior to being filled with crystals in our class 1,000 cleanroom.

Packaging in Cleanroom

Bulk Packaging Options #

In addition to the 10 piece crystal discs, we bulk package quantities of 50 pieces (5 discs) in clear, clean-room compatible containers for easy storage and transport. These containers are made with the same pharmaceutical grade PETG used with the crystal disc and are a great way to stack and safely store large quantities in your inventory. The bulk box is also an extremely reliable method of protecting the crystals from moisture and physical damage during their time with the shipping carrier en route to the customer.

50 Piece Crystal Packaging
50 Piece Crystal Packaging – Top View
50 Piece Crystal Packaging
50 Piece Crystal Packaging – Side View

Try our Packaging Today #

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