Which crystal do I need?

Choosing the correct crystal is the most important aspect of buying a replacement crystal. This article will soon be replaced by a completed buyers guide page

There are three major considerations to narrowing down the search:

  1. Size: the diameter of the crystal
  2. Electrode Pattern: the type of pattern on the crystal. The three common types are Inficon / Maxtek, Balzers, and Ulvac.
  3. Electrode material: common types are gold, silver, and alloy.
  4. Frequency: the resonant frequency of the crystal as indicated by the film thickness monitor. Typical examples are 5 MHz (megahertz), 6 MHz, 9 MHz, and 10 MHz.
  5. Temperature Range. Our crystals are optimized to work in a variety of temperature ranges. Please see the chart below for the crystal type you require.