Tempe High Temp Thin Film System



Heated High Temp Thin Film Sensor Maintains crystal temperature to within +/- 1°C

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Tempe system is designed for thin film coating process control for high temperature applications. High temperature environments can cause excessive rate noise and lead to significant errors with process control. With a heater built into the sensor head, the Tempe High Temp Thin Film system can operate at, and maintain, any temperature within a range of 40-500°C and can even initiate a high-temperature, self-cleaning “bake cycle” that extends crystal life and reduces interruptions from crystal failure in a continuous process environment.

‘OLEDs absolutely need accurate layer sizes, since without temperature compensation, the device performance is directly affected. After positive pre-tests we are now about to implement Tempe™ in our continuously run OLED production. The new sensor system of Colnatec will help to speed up our development time for OLED prime materials for our OLED display and lighting customers.’

Kai Gilge, Head of the Engineering Division at Novaled

As part of Tempe system, Eon controller is a film thickness controller that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition control system into a compact module that can be operated using Colnatec software installed on your PC or controlled via Colnatec’s documented RS232 protocol.

Employing a unique temperature compensation system to stabilize the temperature of the self-heating Tempe, Eon is capable of real-time temperature measurement and temperature control.

Incorporating the Tempe sensor head with the Eon controller, Mirage Air-Cooling System, and HT crystal represents a quantum leap forward from existing sensor and process control technology.

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  • Dual channels for expanded capability
  • Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
  • Temperature compensation – maintains crystal at +/- 1°C of preset temperatures

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 5 in
Included Accessories

•Tempe™ sensor with temperature control
Crystal Rejuvenation
•Eon™ Film Thickness Controller
•Cables, Oscillator, and Power Supply
•User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty