Phoenix High Temperature Film Thickness Sensor


Efficient, Affordable, and Improved Design
Thermocouple Design Called ‘Industry First’ and ‘New Paradigm’


Temperature fluctuation is the most significant cause of frequency drift in crystals. Standard sensor heads address this unsuccessfully with water-cooling. While many manufacturers advise that crystal temperature be kept “around 20°C”, their sensors have no means of measuring temperature. Real-world application has shown that a standard water-cooled sensor can experience a 20°C discrepancy within as little as 10 minutes during high-rate deposition. In an industry of nanometer measurements, this level of variance will easily result in significant inaccuracy within thickness reading. Thus, Colnatec has conceived and created the Phoenix film thickness sensor.

New Screw-on Crystal Cap Design – Simple Yet Secure

With an ergonomic twist-on crystal cap, the Phoenix film thickness sensor combines efficiency, simplicity, and durability into one basic design. Phoenix is optimized for use with the Eon-LT™ monitor (PC-based) or the Eon-ID™ controller (integrated display and software), both of which contain temperature measurement technology.

Thermocouple Design

The thermocouple design employs a cable distribution node (on the chamber side) that increases the accuracy of temperature readings to within +/- 1°C. The Phoenix film thickness sensor can automatically graph temperature and frequency alongside the corresponding rate and thickness values, allowing for real-time correction and accuracy up to .001 Hz.

Phoenix Features

  • Improved thermocouple design combines functionality and reliability
  • Embedded type K thermocouple
  • Simple, screw-on cap improves crystal accessibility and security
  • Designed for 14 mm diameter crystals, up to 10 MHz operation
  • Available with 2.75 ConFlat or KF-40 feed through as stock configuration. Also available
    with compression fittings to allow infinite length adjustability
  • Custom sizes, flanges, and bends available
  • Standard SMA air side connection for crystal measurement

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

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