Phoenix High Temperature Film Thickness Sensor PC-Based System


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  • Phoenix High Temperature Film Thickness Sensor Head Package

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  • Phoenix High Temperature Film Thickness Sensor Head Package


Phoenix is not only the second-most advance thin film sensor on the market, but easily the most affordable. As manufacturers of the most advanced thin film sensor on the market (offering the same affordability-to-value ratio), the people at Colnatec feel we’re in the perfect position to make such a bold claim.

Featuring monitoring electronics and easy-to-use software that works in conjunction with the user’s PC, Phoenix System provides a simple yet comprehensive solution capable of performing thin film measurement operations right out of the box. As an added benefit, Phoenix System possesses a highly-specialized, proprietary temperature measurement technology that drives film thickness measurement accuracy to amazingly precise levels.

In many high-temperature applications, sensors will regularly fail due to their low temperature rating. Like Tempe System, Phoenix System is capable of not only measuring temperature but of withstanding temperatures higher than any other thin film system on the market. This allows for monitoring processes up to 500°C (e.g., ALD, CVD, etc.).

Although the system is capable of accepting any 14 mm diameter crystal up to 10 MHz, it is optimized for RC Crystals manufactured by Colnatec, which are uniquely immune to radiation spikes and film stress caused by shutter openings, film condensation, and source radiation.

As part of Phoenix system, Eon-LT is a film thickness monitor with control capability that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition measurement system into a compact PC-compatible enclosure.

Incorporating the Phoenix sensor head with the Eon-LT controller, and the RC crystal represents a quantum leap forward from existing thin film measurement technology.


  • Optional Integrated display to fit greater variety of settings and applications
  • Connectivity includes ethernet, usb, and WiFi
  • New, easy-to-use interface
  • Sensor available in different lengths and with different flanges for flexibility
  • Dual channels for expanded capability
  • Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
  • Standard SMA air side connection for crystal measurement
  • Drives crystals 4-10 MHz, 1-200 Ω, any type (Quartz, SuperQuartz)

Additional information

Weight 5.3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 5 in
Included Accessories

•Phoenix Sensor with Temperature Measurement •Film Thickness Monitor •Cables and Power Supply •Software, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty

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