Mesa Single Crystal Sensor Head


Conventional, single-crystal thin film sensor.


Designed for reliable, affordable thin film monitoring, Mesa is an instrument capable of monitoring processes up to 500°C (e.g., ALD,CVD, etc.). The minimalistic engineering is the culmination of multiple generations and iterations of head design.

Mesa is ideal for manufacturers who require a straight-forward thin film monitoring sensor. When combined with Colnatec Eon-LT monitor or Eon-ID controller, Mesa provides real-time correction and accuracy up to .001 Hz. The head is optimized for use with Phillip Technologies RC crystals that are uniquely immune to radiation spikes and film stress caused by shutter openings, film condensation, and source radiation.

Featuring real-time control of process and/or reactor conditions, Mesa reduces ex-situ metrology sampling and scrapped runs. Mesa provides greater accuracy in film deposition, leading to increased process yield and improved film quality. The high temperature rating of the sensor makes it ideal for ALD systems.


• Designed for 14 mm diameter crystals, up to 10 MHz operation

• Available with 2.75 Conflat, KF-40, or 1” bolt feed through as stock configuration. Length 30” (75 mm). Custom sizes, flanges, and bends available. Also available with compression fittings to allow infinite length adjustability.

• Available with Parallel or Perpendicular head orientations. See photos for example.

• Standard SMA air side connection for crystal measurement. Ideally used with the Eon-ID controller and Eon-LT monitor, but compatible with other film thickness monitors and controllers

• Includes (1) 6 Foot BNC-BNC cable.


For more information, please download the PDF Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

1" Bolt, 2.75" Conflat, No Feedthrough, KF40


Includes (1) 6 Foot BNC-BNC cable. 

Head Orientation

Parallel, Perpendicular

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