Inficon Crystals

“Inficon” Style 6 MHz AT Quartz Crystals


Sold in Packs of 10 Pieces

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6 MHz ​Quartz crystal sensor. Also called a double-anchor pattern, these crystals are for use in thin film deposition monitors and controllers, including Inficon, Maxtek, Sigma Instruments, and Sycon instruments. AT, 14 mm diameter.

Our Packaging

All quartz crystals are packed in quantities of 10 pieces. Careful attention to the design ensures that the center of the crystal, where the actual measurement occurs (within a radius of 3 mm from the center), is not touched or contaminated by the plastic. We use pharmaceutical grade PETG plastic for the top, and hand cleaned polystyrene for the base. This difference in plastics is needed due to the buildup of static charge between two pieces of PETG. Some manufacturers use anti-static PETG, but this contains a polymer agent that will eventually leach onto the crystal surface. In other words, our packages were designed from the ground up with the same exacting standards as the crystals themselves.

Datasheet Files:

TAN06IG: 6 MHz Inficon Gold
TAN06IA: 6 MHz Inficon Alloy
TAN06IS:  6 MHz Inficon Silver

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × .35 in
Package Quantity

10 pieces

Electrode Materials

Gold, Alloy, Silver