When it comes to packaging our quartz monitor crystals, we never think less is more. In fact, we tend to be a little fanatical about ensuring our packaging is perfect. Not only do we use pharmaceutical grade PETG plastics with zero leaching additives, but we go a step further to ensure the crystal is shielded from any static charge.

As it turns out improperly packaged quartz crystals are susceptible to electrostatic charge that  not only increases the crystals resistance, which can cause erratic measurement fluctuations, but also results in difficult un-packaging.

Have you ever tried opening a pack of crystals only to have them stick to the package’s top and consequently break while opening and closing? If you answered “yes,” then you are not in the minority. As it turns out, such issues are directly the result of poor materials, and improper packing techniques.

At Phillip Technologies we not only maintain strict material standards in our packages, but we also package the crystals in a clean and ESD safe environment that is finalized with our unique nitrogen immersion system.  Why do we go through all these steps? Because when value counts, quality is paramount, and when you buy your replacement quartz crystals from Phillip Technologies you can expect both.