Many times we are asked myriad questions about how a QCM and film thickness monitor system works and what the individual components do. These questions come from industry professionals as well as people looking to better understand the Thin Film industry. To aid our customers in their search for information, we created a complete guide and introduction to QCM systems. The guide covers the general process of measuring thin films, applications where they are measured, general system configurations, and a explanations on each category of components. These categories are: Although the information presented can be highly complex, the guide is complete with full-color illustrations to better convey the information. However, if you still have further questions that extend beyond the basics, we encourage you to check out our Knowledgebase. Here you can find answers to commonly, and not so commonly asked questions. We are constantly updating the FAQ section so be sure to check back often. If you still are not finding the answers to your question, you can always call us and we will be glad to assist.