As of 2014, Phillip Technologies, and Pascal Technologies have partnered to build a formidable sales partnership. We at Phillip Technologies are overwhelmingly excited by this  new relationship as it will give greater product access to our customers on the east coast and into the southwest. With over 30 years of sales experience in the thin-film and high vacuum component industries Pascal Technologies has become an industry leader in this field, and their seasoned sales staff is at the ready to provide valuable product information, demonstrations, and support. However, their experience can best be summed up with the following words:

Pascal Technologies is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of a wide range of vacuum technologies and components including pumps, gauging, electrical feedthroughs, leak detectors, valves, power supplies, hardware, flow controllers, UHP tubing, and many other devices. We provide technical expertise and applications solutions to clients, working in collaborative relationships with our clients in person, via phone, Skype, and various electronic media. The sales and engineering personnel of Pascal possess over 140 combined years of vacuum experience.

Our diverse customer base covers the worlds of scientific research (universities, governmental, & industry), vacuum OEMs, semi-fabs, vacuum coating, and many others.

In November of 2014 Phillip Technologies’ CEO, Phillip Grimshaw, had the opportunity to visit the Pascal headquarters in Fredericksburg, V.A. and meet with company president Rick Martin. During this visit Mr. Grimshaw and Mr. Martin discussed sales, marketing, and logistical plans for the new business relationship. Additionally, Mr. Grimshaw met Pascal’s sales agents who actively visit their respective territory seeking out new customers and visiting with existing clients to understand their needs and process requirements. Moreover, Pascal Technologies can help customize the ultimate, value-driven, vacuum system package based on client needs.

Phillip Technologies is truly honored to form this new relationship is excited by the ever growing sales opportunities both companies will forge together, and we hope our customers will appreciate the increased access and support to our product line.