SuperQuartz, or SQ, maintains operating efficiency at temperatures of 500 degrees C and higher. SuperQuartz is ideal for processes requiring intense heat, such as ALD, CVD, OVPD, high temperature PVD, and thin film furnace processes such as selenization and indiffusion.

As an added benefit, SQ crystals are able to disregard the rate spike caused by temperature variances. This usually occurs when the deposition source shutter is opened or the crystal is exposed to plasmas. Typically, this action causes a frequency shift of up to 100 Hz, which translates to rate changes of 50 angstroms or more for films such as aluminum.

Although it can be used effectively in place of standard AT-cut quartz in all commercially available film thickness monitors and controllers, the SQ  crystal is ideally used in Colnatec high temperature sensor heads. SQ crystals are available in 5 or 6 MHz versions, with gold, aluminum, or platinum electrodes, sized in 14mm diameters.

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