Phillip Technology Support Service

The operation of a quartz crystal based film thickness monitor uses technology that may be unfamiliar to many users. Although in normal use there are very few issues that prevent proper monitor operation, there are times that the crystal no longer works or it is unstable. In addition, new users may not be aware of all the benefits or limitations of the technology and need a reputable source of information and application assistance.

With that in mind, Phillip Technologies now provides a paid technical support and application service. Users can directly contact us and speak with our resident quartz crystal engineer, Scott Grimshaw. Scott has a 30 year history of working with QCMs (Quartz Crystal Microbalances) beginning with his work as Product Engineer at Inficon and then moving on to founding Cold Springs R&D, one of the world’s premier quartz crystal manufacturers. Now Scott, also founder of Tangidyne and Colnatec, is working with Phillip Technologies on new product development and existing product support.

Scott invented the alloy crystal, the RC crystal, the Tempe heated film thickness monitor, 8.6 mm “mini crystals”, the 24 crystal sensor head, the transparent QCM and the EonID monitor. He can answer any of your questions regarding quartz crystal operation, applications, proper care and usage, extreme temperature operation and system installation issues. Furthermore, he can come to your facility and give a half day presentation of quartz crystal film thickness operation for use in optical coating, metallization, Atomic Layer Deposition, CVD and any other process needing QCM monitoring.


Remote Consulting


Consulting-On Site

$1000 plus travel expenses